Golfera has always been committed to maximum transparency and safety, and we are proud to hold the leading certifications in our industry as proof of the high standards of quality that characterize our work.



UNI 10854 is the Italian standard for the implementation of a  quality management system based on the HACCP method.  

As a further guarantee of our commitment to the prevention of health risks in foods, Golfera has obtained HACCP certification.

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Golfera subscribes to various voluntary international standards on food safety such as BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) and IFS (International Food Standard). The requirements of these standards cover every aspect of food quality, hygiene and safety. Among their principal requirements are the adoption of the HACCP system and a product quality and safety management system, compliance of production environments with structural and hygiene requirements, supervision of products and processes, and personnel training.

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  • DT 54

Cured meats produced exclusively from fresh pork from pigs born, reared and butchered in Italy

Certification is based on a technical specification. At the initial phase it involves the actual drafting of the specification. This is followed by evaluation by a technical committee formed by experts and representatives of producers and consumers. Issue of the certificate testifies to the recipient’s compliance with the quality characteristics required in the specification and represents a further guarantee for the consumer in that it attests to the compliance of the entire chain of production, from beginning to end.
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Golfera puts the concerns of gluten-intolerant consumers at the heart of its activity: careful selection of suppliers, systematic control of raw materials entering our factory, use of exclusively gluten-free sources in all our products, stringently-controlled production procedures, and continuous training of the personnel involved in production allow us to offer a range of products that’s rigorously gluten free.

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Respecting the environment and safeguarding its resources, quality of life and sustainability: these are the values embodied in every one of our products

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