Traditional warm flavours

A party of flavours

Cotechino, zampone and stinco: three hearty and festive flavours for the cold winter months. A genuine tradition that Golfera honours with fresh premium quality meats,  original recipes and a touch of creativity: precooked charcuterie for tasty,  nutritious meals that are ready in minutes

You can always be new, even fully respectful of yesteryear taste.

An European recognition for local gastronomy and true tradition.

Zampone Modena and Cotechino Modena have received, with EC regulation no. 509/1999, the appellation P.G.I. (Protected  Geographical Indication), the prestigious European recognition to protect food specialties: a valid guarantee for consumers who, purchasing P.G.I. products, are sure to buy traditional and quality food, produced following strict production disciplines.