Irresistibly light

Golfera top-quality delicatessen pork meat range now includes a brand-new product with less than 14% fat, light and digestible with a delicate flavour. DolceMagro is made from the freshest and leanest cuts of Italian pork from pigs raised in accordance with P.D.O. regulations: from Golfera research it is born a unique paste which, thanks to its characteristics, is a valid alternative to traditional cured meats.

Tasty yet delicate thanks to its low fat content, DolceMagro is ideal even for the most demanding, nutritionally-conscious consumers.


Caratteristiche - Specifications
  • Made only from selected italian pork meat
  • Made with iodized sea salt
  • Reduce fat content
  • Certified gluten-free (with the crossed out wheat ear symbol)