Low in fat but full of flavour

Original and unique. Made from selected Italian ham, il Golfetta, light and tasty, it’s ideal for the modern consumer. Attractively packaged and seasoned in a cotton casing, it is a pleasure unique and authentic, with an unmistakable flavour. Golfetta is perfect as part of a main course: with high protein and low fat content (60% less fat than the average of traditional salamis – source INRAN 2009.). Perfect on its own or dressed with a little olive oil and lemon juice to bring out all its flavour.

Sign the original taste! 

As a further guarantee of authenticity, our name is stamped on the cotton casing. A mark of distinction which unmistakably identifies our products.

Only selected Italian pork meat

Meat only from pigs raised according to P.D.O. standards, offering consumers guaranteed pig-raising methods, animal feeding and certified origin (swine born, reared, and slaughtered in Italy).

Finished-product fat percentage-max 12%.

Production processes comply with recognized standards which allow us to guarantee a limited fat content.


 Acceptability limit <10 ppm: a guarantee for anyone who does not tolerate gluten


  • Made only from selected Italian pork meat
  • Made with iodized sea salt
  • Reduce fat content
  • Certified gluten-free (with the crossed out wheat ear symbol)