Le Biodelizie

Responsibility twice over

All of Golfera’s Bio products are environmentally sustainable right down to their packaging: our innovative “Rotolini Bio” packaging uses 60% less plastic than the conventional tray format, and can be resealed to lock in all the freshness of the product. 


  • Il Golfetta organic
  • Organic Parma ham
  • Organic cured ham Riserva
  • Organic cooked ham
  • Organic Mortadella
  • Organic roasted chicken breast
  • Organic roasted turkey breast
  • Organic Milano salami
  • Organic Ventricina salami
  • Organic 
  • Organic fennel seeds salami
  • Organic Bresaola
  • Organic Coppa
  • Organic Pancetta
  • Cooked Ham with truffle
  • Cooked Ham with Basil
  • Grilled cooked ham
  • Turkey Bresaola