Italian Salami Producer - Production of Italian Charcuterie

The Italian salami company is Golfera

Golfera is the Italian charcuterie producer guarantee of quality, reached after years of working in this field. On the market since 1960 it has managed to keep up-to-date during the years offering delicious products with a low fat content. The passion and care taken to prepare the products has made Golfera the pre-eminent Italian salami producer offering healthy and high quality products. The distribution is spread all over the national territory thanks to the agents who cover all the territory, during the years it has succeeded in offering innovative products like the Bresì, Golfella, Dolce Magro and San Valentino increasing the distribution of Italian salami also on an international level.

If you are looking for lightness but do not want to give up taste choose Golfera, Italian charcuterie.

The quality of our food takes a main role, Golfera has been working hard for years to offer quality products that are light but delicious in the field of Italian salami. It has managed, thanks to years of experience, to identify and satisfy the needs and trends of the market, offering products with a low fat content without neglecting taste. With the products of Golfera you don’t have to give up anything, the Italian salami producer which allows you to eat excellent products without neglecting your diet. Today Golfera is one of the most advanced companies in this field recognized on a national and international level. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the taste of Golfera products.

Italian Salami Producer - Production of Italian Charcuterie
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